The NETCAST Corporate Messaging Suite is a web-based SMS solution that aims to cater to your organization’s communication channel needs through regular and scheduled bulk messaging, information exchange, feedback and content management.

Mobility and rapid communication is vital to the growth and efficiency within the workplace or on field. This is essential in reaching a dispersed consumer base. Information and message delivery system strategies and tools become cost-efficient when planned properly and applied effectively. The mobile phone and internet have come to the fore in providing a better yet simple solution to the clamor for message-handling utilities that process valuable feedbacks from employees, suppliers, and consumers alike. More significantly, direct marketing efforts through mobile phones has proven to help boost a faster churn on sales of company goods, products and services.

1. Web-based. The service allows the companies to send messages thru the internet.
2. Two-factor authenticated site
3. Two-way communication capabilities. Send and receive messages from clients and constituents.
4. Allows automatic and simultaneous delivery of messages in volume via a Broadcast module.
5. Allows sending of messages via SMART mobile phone.
6. Flexible in creating generic and customized message templates.
7. Enables the companies to provide prompt replies to concerns, inquiries, feedbacks and suggestions sent in by their customers through the Text Helpdesk facility.
8. Contact management. Allows the companies to have a centralized database of customers, suppliers, employees, etc.
9. Enables the companies to profile customers according to demographics.
10. Multiple users can log in and use the system at the same time.
11. Monitor a summary of all user transactions.
12. View and monitor usage statistics.
13. Content Management. Allows the companies to create easy to pull information and ad campaigns via SMS.

1. Mobility and Convenience
The NETCAST Corporate Messaging Suite will enable the delivery of important and timely announcements, alerts and notifications quickly to a large number of recipients in just one click, using the internet and/or mobile phones.

2. Two-way communication capability
This web-based text messaging application enables recipients to reply to a text message via the Helpdesk module. Messages are immediately displayed on the users PC and/or automatically forwarded to his mobile should he choose to do so. The service provides an instant feedback channel, systems administration and control, as well as summary logs of outgoing messages.

3. Significant savings in communications costs
Sending text messages instead of calling is a cost-effective way of communicating. There is no need to make individual telephone calls to reach the receivers. Text messaging is a cheaper and yet effective way of communicating to your customers.

4. Time efficiency
Recipients may access/receive message immediately after it is sent by the sender. The Corporate Messaging Suite allows a person to broadcast a text message to an unlimited number of recipients at the same time instead of doing it one by one. It provides group texting and a private chat facility that allow members of a texting circle to receive and reply to all correspondences exchanged within the group.

5. Customization and integration
The Corporate Messaging Suite is stable enough to accommodate future enhancements that help address timely message delivery requirements of companies, as well as the need to maximize modern technology in soliciting feedback from constituents in a timely manner.

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